Polybutylene Pipes Banned

Why Are Polybutylene Pipes Banned? | Water Damage Expert

From 1975 to 1995, some manufacturers utilized the plastic resin called polybutylene to create the “pipe of the future”. This was meant to replace expensive copper pipes in plumbing. Builders then used polybutylene pipes in the construction of new homes saving quite a bit of money in the building process. It was not long before these pipes failed, causing millions of dollars in damage.

The Importance of Replacing Not Repairing Polybutylene Pipes

When buying a home, many buyers are not concerned with the type of plumbing inside their walls. They know it needs it to work. It is critical, however, to understand why polybutylene pipes are banned in Florida.

  • Failure Is Not a Matter of “If” but “When”: Soon after building contractors started using polybutylene pipes, these pipes deteriorated quickly from exposure to the chlorine in a city’s water supply.
  • Pipe Damage Is Not Always Noticeable from the Outside: It can take 10-15 years for the piping to show signs of breakdown because it deteriorates from the inside out. You can move in and five years later have a deluge in your dining room from pipe breakage in an upstairs bathroom, leaving a potentially dangerous mess from mold spores.
  • Insurance Companies May Drop You: Some homeowner’s insurance policies may refuse coverage for homes that have polybutylene plumbing. You will be stuck with the repair bill instead.

Not all homes with plastic pipes have polybutylene. PEX pipes are plastic pipes that are a good, affordable alternative for plumbing. If a leak occurs, contact a professional in leak repairs to help replace all the plumbing with proper piping and repair water damage, including any mold that accumulates.

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