Most people think that mold is primarily an aesthetic problem, and can carry some minor health risks if it is severe enough. Expert mold removal companies, however, will tell you that truth is that mold is a very serious problem. Beyond the fact that it is unsightly, mold can worsen allergies, asthma and cause respiratory illnesses. In addition, mold that is unattended to can actually result in major structural damage to a building.

So what should you do if you detect mold on your property?

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It is not easy to remove mold yourself using household detergents such as bleach and most of the time tiny spores of mold remain even after cleaning. In addition, often mold is not visible – growing in heating vents and other inaccessible areas, where it poses a hidden risk to your health and the structural stability of your property.

What damage can mold cause to your property?

Mold will grow and spread in areas where there is moisture, the correct temperature, and a food source (yes, we forget sometimes that mold is actually an animal!). Any substance that contains organic matter can be a food source for mold, from paint and wood to insulation materials, carpets and tiles. Warm, moist areas where mold thrives are also commonly not highly visible, so this toxic substance could be growing and causing damage without you even realizing it.

The types of property damage that mold causes includes:

  • Structural damage as a result of mold feeding on building materials, which weakens the structure of a building and makes it potentially unsafe. This includes damage to roof tiles, which can deteriorate enough for the roof to cave in. If you suspect this kind of damage, bring in roof mold removal contractors as soon as possible.
  • Damage to furnishings and possessions. Once mold has begun growing on an object it is very difficult to get rid of it. Most of the time, furnishings that are infested with mold are not salvageable.
  • Mold in the heating vents not only causes your heating system to deteriorate and ultimately require extensive repairs or replacement, but also provides a ‘pathway’ through which mold spores can circulate throughout the air on your property, which is a serious health risk.

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If you have noticed visible mold growing in your home, damp areas and a musty odour, there is a high chance that you have a mold problem. Because mold is so toxic and can cause severe damage it is not something you should leave unattended. At National Restoration Experts, we have over 17 years of experience and have developed extensive processes to remove mold and minimize the chances of it reoccurring.

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