Water Damaged Ceiling Repair

Repairing Water Damaged Ceiling

Having a water damaged ceiling can be a destructive force to your property. If water gets into contact with the drywall of your interior walls or ceiling, it can leave marks and even cause structural damage.

If you have noticed water marks on your ceiling, then the time to act is now. Finding the source of the water leak is the first step you need to take to make sure you don’t have a ceiling collapse in your home or building.

Finding a water damage ceiling leak 

A ceiling water leak is usually the result of a plumbing fixture that is leaking or a leaky roof. Identifying the source of a ceiling water leak can be tricky. If the wet spot continues to reappear regardless of weather conditions, then it is usually the sign of a faulty plumbing fixture. If the wet spot appears after heavy rainfall, then it’s probably the roof, so note the timing of the leak. Contact a plumber or experienced ceiling repair professionals if you are unsure about the source of the leak.

How to repair stains on a water damaged ceiling 

Small stains are easy to fix, but extensive stains and damage might necessitate a ceiling replacement. Check if the ceiling is still attached to the frames and studs. If the drywall is cracked or sagging, then it will need to be replaced. If it is still intact and secure, then the loose layers of paint and drywall can be scraped off (use a putty knife for this job). A base sealer can be used to re-seal the drywall before you paint over the stain. Minor stains will only need one or two coats of paint to conceal any water damage that has occurred.

Tips for repairing water damaged ceiling issues

  • If you have reoccurring cracks in your ceiling, invest in a product like Good-Bye Cracks, which is an elastic film that moves along with a ceiling that expands and contracts a bit. This is a good fix for small, hairline cracks that become an eyesore.
  • Wall later (? Is this correct?) is a thick type of wallpaper that you paint on with a roller. It is a large patch that you can use to cover your entire ceiling to give it a smooth or textured finish.
  • Some people have used mini texture guns with mixed results. The texture is sprayed onto the ceiling from an aerosol spray can. In some cases, it provides a smooth, even finish, but it’s easy to overspray and cause a mess, so use this option wisely.

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