Water damage and leak detection are serious issues that need to be addressed in any home. Did you know that the walls, ceilings and floors in your home in Pompano Beach, Florida, can be damaged by just a little amount of water?

How should you check your home for water damage?

  • Look for stains around the window and door frames.
  • Water stains on the walls and ceilings are a sign of water damage.
  • See if there are cracks in the drywall.
  • Check for any warping or buckling of the floors.
  • Take note of any white or dark stains that are on wood floors. Take note of damp carpeting.
  • Check the piping in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and basement for rust around the pipe connections, leaks or water stains.

These tips are so beneficial!

How should you check your home for leaks?

Noone wants to have any leaks at all! There are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to checking your home for leaks.

When you want to check for leaks, make sure to check your water meter. Ensure that no water is being utilized inside or outside your home. Once you have found your water meter, you should take a look at the leak indicator to determine if it’s moving. Is the dial moving? If this is the case, there may be a leak.

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