If you’re looking for tips and advice for water damage repairs in Parkland, FL, you’ve come to the right place. One particular type of water damage that’s experienced in Parkland, FL is that of ceiling leaks. It’s not always simple identifying the source of a ceiling leak. When water damage presents itself, the leak is not always found in the very same location.

Finding where the water is entering your home is something that can take time and effort. The nature of a water is that it will follow the easiest possible path until such time as it is obstructed or disturbed. This is where it usually collects and begins to leak or drip through. Finding the source of a ceiling leak requires thorough inspection and investigation.

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Tips For Uncovering The Source of Your Ceiling Leak From Water Damage Restoration Experts in Parkland, FL 

  • If the leak only presents itself when it’s raining, there’s a good chance that the leak is originating from the actual roof. There’s a better chance of the leak originating from a plumbing leak if it’s constantly present regardless of the weather.
  • Water leaks that appear clean are also typically from plumbing leaks. Dirty water leaks are potentially coming from the roof.
  • Enter the attic cavity and use a flashlight to determine if the ceiling is wet anywhere between the roof joists. You should also check any plumbing lines in the attack for leaks. Shine your flashlight carefully along the length of all plumbing lines. Leaks should glint in the light.
  • While still in the attic, look up! Check if there are any places where light is shining through the roof. If you spot a hole, insert a straw into it as it will make the leak zone more visible from the outside of the roof (this helps with ease of repair).
  • You can inspect the outside of the roofing structure too. Areas to check include tiles or shingles, flashing, and plumbing and vent gaskets. You can also check the downspouts and gutters for clogging as any drainage water that’s unable to drain can spill over and get under the roof flashing, which can then result in a ceiling leak.

The process of determining the origin of a ceiling leak can be time consuming and complex. If you need a helping hand, National Restoration Experts is a licensed and insured company offering water damage repairs in Parkland, FL. Simply contact us for a free estimate today.