If you are looking for some handy tips and tricks for water damage repairs in Margate, FL, we have just what you need. Water damage can affect your roof, ceiling, walls, dry walls, windows, floors and more! Let’s face it, water damage can be unsightly, but that’s not all. It can also reduce the value of your home (curb appeal too) and present certain health and safety problems. If your water damage problems aren’t too serious, you can get away with handling the water damage restoration on a DIY basis. Before you embark on any water damage DIY repair project, make sure that you gather some professional advice to avoid potential botched jobs.

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Top DIY Tips for Water Damage Repairs For Your Margate, FL Home

  • Water damage to walls and dry walls can cause stains which look awful. Once the wall has been dried out and repaired, it must be sealed, primed and finished. We recommend that your final finish is something that covers the whole wall. One particular option is that of wall liner. It’s a product that’s like an ultra-thick wall paper in either a smooth or textured finish. It’s imperative that the wall beneath is repaired and sealed before the new liner is installed.
  • Water damage to ceilings leaves a nasty stain. Once the water leak has been located and repaired, it’s time to repair the ceiling’s appearance. Before painting the ceiling again, it’s important to seal it and use a primer so that the stain doesn’t leak through to the fresh coat of paint. There are various primers available to use, but if you are looking for a quick fix trick that really gets the job done, consider a spray-on stain-blocking primer. It’s quick to use and highly effective.

At National Restoration Experts we offer professional water damage repair in Margate, FL. We are insured and licensed water restoration experts and will ensure that your water damage is tended to meticulously, for long term effects. For more information and advice or to receive an estimate, contact us via email or telephone today.