After a flood (or a burst pipe that results in ceiling leaks) on your Florida property, it is essential to call in a company that can conduct water damage repairs in Parkland, FL. In addition to structural damage, flooding results in the growth of mold. Mold begins to grow very quickly – as soon as 2 days after water damage occurs. Take action quickly to remove as much water as you can, to prevent mold from spreading and causing long-term health risks.

To prevent mold from spreading, you need to begin the process of drying out damaged rooms as soon as possible. Here’s what you should be doing after a flood or leak:

Remove all standing water

As much floodwater as possible needs to be removed before proper cleanup can begin. If flooding is not too severe, buckets and mops may suffice. For extensive flooding, it is better to call in an expert to pump out the water using special equipment. You should also clear up any debris and mud.

Dry out your property

Even if standing water has been removed, dampness will remain until the damaged rooms have been thoroughly dried out. Equipment such as fans, heaters and dehumidifiers can speed the process along. Open all windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter the property (unless it is raining or very humid outside).


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Remove flooded carpets and furnishings

Carpets take an especially long time to dry out after being saturated with water. It’s probably best to remove all carpets and simply replace them with new carpeting. The same goes with soft furnishings such as sofas and mattresses. It is almost impossible to ensure that all water is removed from these items, and they will continue to smell musty and grow mold.

Remove drywall and other building materials

Drywall is especially susceptible to mold. Any drywall that is damp after a ceiling leak or flood needs to be removed and replaced. Other building materials such as wood paneling should also be removed. While drywall should be thrown out if it is damp or there is any sign of mold, wood can usually be dried out and salvaged.

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