If you suspect you have a mold problem at home, it is time to get in touch with your local Florida restoration company: the National Restoration Experts. Whether your Fort Lauderdale home is experiencing a mold problem because of a flood, a water leak or poor ventilation, it’s something that can really have a negative impact on your life:

  • Your respiratory health is at risk as well as the health of asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • There’s also the rather big problem of the bad smell that seems to lurk when mold and mildew are present.
  • The bad smell usually occurs when the mold builds up and then releases its foul odor.  Mold usually finds the ideal place to grow and creates a stink.
  • The areas where it most often grows in the home are usually the damp and dark spots that have a lot of moisture and minimal ventilation.

Find the Source of The Problem with The Help of a Mold Inspection Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL

 The first step is to locate where the smell is originating from. This may be challenging, but not impossible. The aim of finding the source of the problem is so that you can fix it. You can only really start dealing with ridding your home of the bad smells once the leak, moisture or problem area has been correctly identified and properly rectified. You may very well need the professional services of a Florida restoration company to assist you – especially if the problem is caused by a leaking roof, a cracked foundation, or is originating from a water leak.

Keep Moisture Levels Down in The Home and Ventilation Levels Healthy

Finding and fixing the problem will not immediately remove the bad smell from your home. The first thing to do is to make sure that you keep the home well ventilated. Open the curtains and windows and air the home out regularly. You can install dehumidifiers to keep moisture levels at a healthy level too. This will start diminishing that musty smell that mold often creates.


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Have That Bad Smell Professionally Removed with The Help of a Mold Removal Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL

While many people will advise you to use bleach to wash down the affected areas and to simply vacuum the carpets and couches, it must be noted that mold is quite resilient: the tiny spores can find their way into just about every nook and cranny. Often, it is a task that is best left up to the professionals who not only know what they are doing but also have the appropriate equipment for the job.

By hiring the services of a professional Florida restoration company, the suitable heavy-duty and high-intensity vacuum cleaners can be used to remove both the moisture and mold. Careful cleaning of affected items and areas can also be carried out with the proper detergents. Store bought detergents very often simply do not get the job done.

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