If your Coral Springs, FL home has a cause of water damage, it’s time to seek out the services of a professional water damage repairs team in your area. One particular water damage issue that homeowners in Coral Springs, FL area are faced with is that of dry walling with damp stains, loosened paint and dry wall mud. The main cause of this is very often a leaking roof or plumbing fixture.

In some cases, when the damage is considered to be minor, the wall can be repaired instead of being replaced. Broken and sagging wall boards will need to be replaced unfortunately. If there’s loose paint and dry wall mud to deal with, it can be repaired, but only if the drywall is still firmly secured to the wall frame. Water damage restoration can now commence.

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Tips for DIY Dry Wall Water Damage Repair

If you would like to do some DIY dry wall water damage repair in your Coral Springs, FL home, here are a few tips to assist you:

  • Scrape the loose wall mud and paint layers with a scraper. You should scrape in outward motions until such time as the layer you are on feels firm and attached.
  • Mold and mildew can be wiped off with a chlorine and water solution.
  • Sealing the dry wall is very important. You can use a paint brush or roller to coat the wall surface with a paint or primer. These can be water, oil or alcohol based.
  • Apply dry wall compound to the wall surface. This can be bought in a powder form or a pre-mixed form. This is the dry wall mud and it’s advised that you apply at least 3 layers if you want a smooth finish that doesn’t show up any of the prior damage.
  • Apply a dry wall primer to the surface when it’s completely dry. After the primer has dried, apply a high-quality wall paint.

Dry wall water damage repairs can be tricky if you’ve never handled one before. If you would like professional assistance for repairing water damage in your Coral Springs, FL home, contact us via email or telephone at National Restoration Experts today.