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Professional disinfection services to protect your building from disease

With the nation still in the midst of a pandemic, many business owners are looking for ways to keep their patrons safe. Enforcing masks and social distancing is a good start, but going the extra step and looking for ways to deep clean a building will better ensure the safety of both workers and customers. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into disinfection services so you can be given peace of mind knowing that your building is being better protected against the threat of disease and viruses.

NRE’s Disinfection Services Process

Any company that specializes in disinfection services will have their own process that’s suited to fit their community. National Restoration Experts follows a four step process that was developed specifically to determine the individual disinfection needs of businesses that experience a high traffic of people.

NRE starts their process with the initial assessment. They send their team to inspect a business and identify the areas with a high amount of people touching them and surfaces that could be a biohazard. They use high tech equipment to test these areas so they can precisely determine where disinfection is needed the most. The next step of the process is containment. The areas that are determined to be especially high risk are sectioned off to prepare the areas for disinfection services.

This is where the process gets into the actual disinfecting stages. NRE uses EPA registered products in a two-step process to completely clean and disinfect the area. Not only are any surfaces susceptible to touch when wiped down using disinfectant spray, but they also use disinfecting solution in a fogging machine to deep clean the whole area. Finally, quality testing takes place where NRE uses professional-grade technology to test the high touch areas for a final time. NRE will then provide their clients with the final contamination numbers so they know exactly what percentage of bacteria is left on the surface.

All this is something that can be done on a regular basis. So, if you have a business and you’re looking for COVID-19 cleaning, consider hiring the services of a company like NRE that can regularly disinfect and sanitize your business.

Hire a Company That Provides Professional Disinfection Services

It’s the responsibility of business owners to hire disinfection services so they can do their part to keep but their workers and their customers safe. National Restoration Experts has served Boward and Palm Beach Counties in southern Florida for over 20 years. They are on call 24/7 so they can get to your business as soon as possible to help you with the disinfection process.

“With everything going on with COVID-19, business owners just want peace of mind to know that they can continue to operate with the risk of getting people sick,” said owner Joe Hernandez. “Enforcing masks and social distancing is a good start. But by going the extra mile by hiring disinfection services, business owners can rest easy knowing they have that extra layer of protection against the spread of the virus.”

To learn more about how you can get professional and reliable disinfection services for your business, you can visit NRE’s website at or call their around the clock number at (754) 219-4660.

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