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NRE Offers School Cleaning Services as the New School Year Approaches

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With the new school year approaching, School Boards are starting to think about what they need to do to keep their schools clean and safe. With concerns over COVID-19 it’s important, now more than ever, for schools to seek the assistance of cleaning services that are guaranteed to keep schools to a certain standard of sanitization. National Restoration Experts offers school cleaning services in the Pompano Beach area. Their services include school sanitization and COVID-19 cleaning to ensure your school is safe for the new school year.

Schools are high traffic areas, filled with students, teachers, and faculty who regularly move around the facilities on a day to day basis. Areas like the classrooms, bathrooms, and the cafeteria can be a hot bed for disease to accumulate and spread. Many of the people who use school buildings are now particularly at risk for contracting COVID-19. Hiring a school cleaning service is imperative at any time, but right now with COVID-19 concerns, it can offer School Boards peace of mind when they know there’s a comprehensive school cleaning service there to make sure the school is disinfected properly. This can include daily janitorial work along with more thorough deep cleaning projects.

The school cleaning services provided by National Restoration Experts

National Restoration Experts offers school cleaning services in the area around Pompano Beach, Florida. NRE insures the job is done right by providing cleaning and disinfecting that’s stress-free and can save you time in money. School cleaning services can fill a variety of different roles at a school or educational facility. Whether it’s daily cleaning activities or a one-time deep cleaning, you can trust NRE because our services are:

  • EPA certified
  • 3rd party tested after cleaning
  • Use a highly trained team
  • Provide a 24 hour fast response
  • Are licensed, insured, and certified

National Restoration Experts can keep your school safe and disinfected through their comprehensive cleaning and disinfection process with uses EPA registered disinfectant solutions to efficiently clean a building through our process of:

  1. Assessing the areas that are touched the most.
  2. Containing those areas for disinfection and sanitization.
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting the area through fogging and wiping surfaces.
  4. Using quality testing to provide the final contaminant numbers.

NRE’s fogging and wiping process can be especially helpful since fogging involves using fogging machines to spread the disinfectant solutions around a large area and wiping involves using a disinfectant solution to wipe down and clean hard surfaces that are touched on a daily basis.

NRE uses their cleaning expertise to help any number of businesses and our process is perfect in use at schools because we are thorough with how we conduct our business. When you’re trying to keep your school safe, you want a company that’s shown to have consistent results. Our school cleaning service is comprehensive and offers a variety of different services that can be used to keep your school safe such as:

  • Dusting
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Restroom cleaning and stocking
  • Cafeteria cleaning
  • Locker Room cleaning
  • Daily cleaning and sanitation

Having reliable school cleaning services can be a real benefit with the risk of COVID-19 infection between students and between faculty is so high. You want to make sure your students are as safe as possible. You do everything in your power to ensure that safety through masks and social distancing. But having that extra safety barrier can be just one more layer to keeping the people who use the school safe. So hiring a school cleaning service can be the thing that ensures your school is as safe as it can be.

Trust National Restoration Experts for your school cleaning service

National Restoration experts provide the school cleaning services to keep up with school sanitization and COVID-19 cleaning. If you want to learn more about school cleaning services near me, visit our website at or give us a call at (754) 219-4660.

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