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National Restoration Shares Tips on Inspecting Your Home for Water Damage

Inspecting your home for water damage is easier with support from professionals like National Restoration Experts, a Florida-based company in Pompano Beach.

The company owner, Joe Hernandez, says,” Water damage is common in old homes. However, that does not exempt new homes from this considerable hazard. If left unattended, this water damage results in serious structural damage. Homeowners spend a lot attempting to reverse the situation.”

Professionals like Hernandez particularly advise prompt action. Homeowners risk too much by ignoring musty odors, the sounds of dripping water, and pooling, all clear signs of water damage. Other signs include:

  •       Water stains on walls and ceilings
  •       Mold and mildew
  •       Bubbly or peeling paint

The head of National Restoration Experts also added that failing to remove excess water is the quickest way to promote mold growth. Water-damaged items may also create further water damage and extensive water damage restoration services to rectify the problem. The solution is to pay keen attention to specific areas in the house prone to water damage, including regularly looking for signs like discoloration on the ceiling that may indicate roof leakage.

water cleanup company - National Restoration Experts

The professionals at National Restoration Experts also recommend keeping drain pipes free of clogs, looking for leaks behind the washing machine and beneath the dishwasher, and having a fast-responding service on speed dial for water issues. National Restoration Experts are one option that includes quite a number of customers leaving reviews on their service and professionalism over the past few years.

One customer, Angela Pasquale, listed a five-star review that said, “Expert work done on mold clean up in the kitchen area. The remodeling and painting were fantastic. Workers are very nice and professional. A pleasure to do business with this company. I would recommend & use again.”

Another local resident, John Marino, recommended the renovation services and water restoration services he received from the National Restoration Experts team.

Local Water Damage Professionals in Pompano Beach, Florida

Florida’s homes are surprisingly vulnerable to floods and water damage, which is why services like National Restoration Experts offer 24/7 water damage restoration services. The company has over ten years of experience in:

  •       Mold rehabilitation
  •       Sewage cleanup
  •       Storm damage repair and more

They also clean items damaged by water at no extra cost. Feel free to contact National Restoration Experts or visit their website at for more information on inspecting your home for water damage or remediating water, fire, flood, or storm damage on residential or commercial properties in the Pompano Beach, FL area.

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