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National Restoration Experts Shares the Signs of a Burst Pipe

Pompano Beach, FL. 04/15/22National Remodeling Experts share the signs that indicate a possible burst pipe. This list will help home and business owners take action as quickly as possible.

A burst pipe can cause extensive property damage. It is crucial to identify the signs of a potential issue to prevent even minor damage.

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7 Signs of a Burst Pipe

Have you noticed any of the following warning signs in your home or business? If so, you may have a burst pipe.

Unusual Sounds Coming from the Plumbing 

Are you suddenly hearing strange noises coming from the plumbing? These noises may indicate that water is no longer flowing freely through the pipes. Some factors could cause this situation, but it’s always best to have a professional evaluate it.

A Sudden Drop in Water Pressure

If you notice your water pressure is much lower than usual, you may have a pipe blockage. Various situations could cause this blockage. However, it’s always best to have a professional plumber take a look and get rid of the blockage.

Water Leaks in Unexpected Places

Water leaking from the ceiling or walls could signify a burst pipe. To prevent further damage, immediately turn off the water to your home or business. Then, call a plumber immediately.

Pooling Water around the Property 

If the house has a water heater or other appliances that use water, keep an eye out for strange wet spots around them. These wet spots could indicate that a pipe feeding water to the machine has burst, causing water to spill out.

Mold or Mildew Growth   

Mold and mildew love damp conditions. If there’s a musty smell in the house or strange mold growths, you may have a water pipe leak.

Check behind appliances in the crawlspace, basement, and attic for mold growth. These places are all typical areas for leaks to occur.

High Water Bills    

A suddenly increased water bill can also signify a water leak. Check for other signs of a burst pipe or leaks such as pooling water or mold growth to be sure.

Foundation Cracks  

A crack in the house’s foundation can also point to water seepage from a burst pipe. If the cracks are near plumbing fixtures or pipes, a burst pipe is an especially likely culprit. However, have a professional inspect the foundation to determine the cause of the damage.

After Finding a Broken Pipe

According to Joe Hernandez, owner of National Restoration Experts, “If you think you have a burst pipe, it’s essential to take action quickly. The faster you can get the problem fixed, the less damage it will cause.”

If you find signs of a leak or burst pipe you must take these steps:

  1. Turn off the water in the house at the main shutoff valve. This shutoff valve will stop water from coming into the house and prevent further damage.
  2. Call a plumber to repair the broken pipe. Don’t try to do this repair yourself.
  3. Call a water damage restoration company to clean up any water that has already leaked into the house. A water damage restoration company will have the proper equipment to remove moisture quickly and dry out the home.

If you have a water leak, act quickly. Water damage can cause a lot of costly damage to a home, so it’s best to catch it early. Check for signs of a burst pipe or water leaks regularly, and call a professional if you suspect you have a problem.

National Restoration Experts can help with water damage repair and restoration. They provide full-service water damage repair, including water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and repairs. They also offer mold remediation services.

Visit their website at or call them at (754) 219-4660 to learn more.

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