Are you thinking of repairing water damaged ceilings, Lake Worth, FL? If your ceiling has been damaged by water, then you not only have unsightly stains and possible slumping of the plaster to deal with, but it could also lead to structural damage in your home.

The water damage repair specialists at National Restoration Experts give the following tips and advice on repairing water damage to a ceiling:

Find the source of the problem

What caused the water damage in the first place? If it’s a hole in the roof, then it needs to be closed. If the water damage is the result of a burst pipe, then a plumber needs to fix the problem before you can proceed. Make sure the area is completely dry before you proceed.

Sealing and coating

After the water damaged area has dried, scrape off any loose bits of paint or damaged plaster before covering the stains with a coat of sealer. Once the sealer has dried, use a joint compound to create an even surface over the damaged area. Dust away any sanding dust from the joint compound, apply another coat of sealer, then repaint the area.

If you have large patches of discoloring or are worried that you don’t have all the right tools and equipment to take care of the water damaged ceiling, call restoration professionals. Not only can they find and fix the source of the leak, but they can restore your ceiling to its former glory in the quickest amount of time. Contact National Restoration Experts for water damaged plaster ceiling restoration in Lake Worth, FL, today.