Toxic mold in your home

Mold exists everywhere you go. Whilst more prevalent in warm and humid air, mold is found in all types of environments, all around the world. Even the ‘fresh’ air that we breathe contains millions of mold spores.

But what are mold spores? Mold spores are the reproductive part of mold or fungus that cause allergic reactions. Molds feed off decomposing plant and animal matter and grow by producing filament-like clusters. Mold and fungi reproduce by giving off huge numbers of mold spores into the air, similar to plants releasing pollen. When airborne mold spores settle on organic matter, new mold clusters are grown. When mold spores are inhaled, they may trigger an allergic reaction.

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Professional Mold Removal Mold Removal Companies in Boca Raton, FL

Mold doesn’t receive enough attention, especially when you discover how badly it can affect your health! Mold removal companies in Boca Raton, FL, have had their work cut out for them over the past few years. And not because mold remediation is impossible, but because:

  • People follow the incorrect process to remove mold, and/or
  • People don’t have a prevention plan in place to start with.

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Unusual Signs That Your Delray Beach, FL, Property Has a Leak

We all know that leaks can lead to mold growth and damage to the structural integrity of a building. Early professional leak detection in Delray Beach, FL, could save you a great deal in terms of your health and remediation costs.

Leak Detection at Home – What to Look Out For

Of course, not all leaks are obvious and in some instances, the way in which they present themselves may be somewhat unusual and very easily overlooked. To assist, we have pieced together a few unusual signs to look out for that will be tell-tale signs that your Delray Beach, FL, home has a leak.

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What Happens Inside the Fire Damage Restoration Process

You may think your biggest nightmare is when a fire breaks out. But the real nightmare lies in trying to find the best fire restoration service in Pompano Beach, Florida, and ensuring that the restoration process is carried out correctly.

After the emergency sirens have died down, the fire trucks have left, and you’ve finally accepted that your home, or part of it, has burned down, the real work begins. The fire damage restoration process must start immediately.

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The Top 50 Questions on Mold

How to Get Rid of Mold 

Bleach is a good mold killer. You can make a solution of chlorine bleach and water (usually one part of bleach to three parts of water) or get hold of a household detergent with bleach as an active ingredient. Using a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the blackened area. Rinse thoroughly and dry. For more porous materials such as wood, use a vinegar solution or a store bought mold remover

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